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The Trail Magik® Child Carrier

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This carrier is lightweight, strong, and easily connects to your backpacking pack, allowing you to comfortably carry your Little when their legs get weary. 

Ideal for that transition period when your Little(s) can walk or hike a good amount, but still need to hitch a ride sometimes!

For Littles 1 year old - 43lbs


Need a more robust child carrier for children who aren't hiking decent distances on their own yet? Try our Osprey Poco LT child carrier. 


- Hiking
- Backpacking


- Folds to the size of a water bottle
- Lightweight when every ounce matters
- Cushions on the child leg area to keep your Little comfortable on the trail
- Designed to attach onto a backpack with a waist band & cushy straps

Safety & Sustainability

- Complies with all US Consumer Product Safety Commission safety standards

Care Instructions

We take care of the deep cleaning, but we understand that Littles can be messy! If necessary, we suggest spot cleaning with mild soap and water.