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Aquaroo Water Baby Carrier - Rental


Original Retail Price: $175 


Made from the same material as wetsuits, this carrier is designed for the water. Enjoy splashing at the pool, lake, or sea with your Little as they face either inward or outward on your chest. Hands-free enjoyment make relaxation (or chasing other Littles around) easier during your water-filled adventures!   

For Littles 12-30 lbs


Important safety information: Only use in calm water, in a depth- where you can maintain control. Never wear on your side or back - only on your chest so you can see your Little's head at all times. 


- Can carry children inward-facing or outward-facing
- Designed specifically for the water
- Allows you to be hands-free

Safety & Sustainability

- The Aquaroo is not intended for ordinary wearing in non-water situations as the neoprene fabric can trap heat. Because of this, always limit time used out of water and monitor child for signs of overheating
- Wear Aquaroo in front of you so you can see that your baby’s head and shoulders are above water at all times
- Never wear on your side or back
- Check for ripped seams, torn straps or fabric and damaged fasteners before each use
- Only use the Aquaroo in still, calm water
- Only go into water depth where you can maintain control


We take care of the deep cleaning, but we understand that Littles can be messy! If necessary, we suggest spot cleaning with mild soap and water.

-After use in sand, salt-water, or chlorine: hand rinse with cold, fresh water. These elements can shorten the lifespan of the Aquaroo.

- Never rinse with hot water. Hot water destroys neoprene’s flexibility.

- Hang inside out to drip dry. Dry and store away from direct heat and sun. UV rays ages neoprene more quickly.

- Completely air dry before storing or returning.