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40° Morrison Outdoors Down Sleeping Bag. Size 6M-24M.

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 This sleeping bag is lightweight, warm, and breathable.

It makes for a perfect, safe sleep solution. Simply layer over your child's regular sleep wear.

This 40° sleeping bag is best for moderate temperatures (40°- 60°).


Safety Recommendations for size 6M-24M:

Remove from baby's sleep area when not worn or fully-zipped. Never place this baby sleepig bag under baby, over baby, or in sleep area unless the child is wearing it. WARNING: Babies can suffocate on loose, soft, plush items. 

Never place an infant 15 months and younger to sleep on an inflatable mattress. Provide a separate sleep surface for your baby.



    Excellent condition

    What To Expect In This Condition

    Excellent condition: looks and feels new

    Stand-out Features

    - Ultralight. Packs down to the size of a water bottle
    - Zipper placement makes diaper changes easy