We were told our adventuring and travel days were over (or, at least on a long hold)

This is such a common sentiment, but we were determined to keep adventuring with our baby daughter. However, we soon found that outfitting her was a huge pain.


We knew the comfort and safety that performance clothing and gear provide when preparing for the elements and we wanted that peace of mind when bringing her with us. But when it came to finding them, it seemed our only choices were to:

1) Pay for the items new. This would ensure we got what we needed, when we needed it, in the right size. But that's a huge investment in items she probably won't fit into in a few months.

2. Buy the items second-hand. This definitely saves money but we found that it takes a lot of time and energy to hunt down quality second-hand items in the right size for the right season.


We felt like there should be a place where young families had easier, more affordable, and more sustainable access to high-quality adventure clothing and gear for their little ones. And that's when the idea for LittlesGO was born.


We are so excited to take this journey with you all. Our vision is to become the biggest online community of adventuring young families. Rentals and resale, yes - but also importantly growing into a community that shares ideas and inspires each other to not listen to the noise out there saying you "can't" with Littles. A community where we all support one another in the idea that when it comes to sharing this incredible world, when it comes to taking beautiful adventures big or small, the Littles go.